Mad as a brush

So, aparently if you’re American, and you see this sign, its a very funny thing.
And the whole ‘mad as a brush’ saying doesn’t translate too well either. Mad meaning angry rather than crazy and all.
We really should have taught those Americans English properly before the Boston Tea party had chance to happen. But maybe there was no hope in the first place. After all, who in their right mind would dump all that lovely tea into a harbour. They could have knicked it and drunk it at least…

8 thoughts on “Mad as a brush”

  1. Your attempts to insite an international altercation are entirely transparent. It is abundantly obvious that our American so-called gramatic deviations are the source of deep feelings of superiority amongst the English.
    I am glad you got a picture of the sign for us. 😉

  2. woo hoo, there’s the picture. thanks. this sign is funny to me cuz it seems like a more gentile or even British way of saying “%*@# happens.”
    yeah, what is the brush part about?

  3. It might be to do with children’s TV character “Basil Brush”. He was a nut. Well, ok, he was actually a fox, but you get my meaning.

  4. The saying is actually “Mad as Hatter” from the old days when hat makers used Mercury to do something with the felt they mad hats with. Apparently the Mercury vapours used to send them mad.
    Or as Daft as a Brush – no idea about that one

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