Roundtable Day 3

Wow, we’ve had a fairly intense few days! Everyone has that look of someone deprived of sleep and light for too long, so this afternoon we’ve changed the programme to enable everyone to chill out for a while, before coming back to end the first of the two gatherings on a high!
To those of you who have been praying for our time here, I just want to say THANK YOU. Over the last 36 hours we’ve had two of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. Jonah Bailey did a fantastic job presenting the results of the structure teams’ deliberations on how to run 24-7 over the next few years, and Andy Freeman presented a ‘top draw’ talk on the Boiler Rooms section of the movement. We’ve really been blessed by a great sense of unity and positivism about the year ahead, even though some of the points presented are quite contentious.

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As I type this, 50 of the key 24-7 leaders from across the nations are meeting to seek God, worship Him, tell stories of what He is doing around the globe, and pray.
We have two gatherings at 24-7 each year – the Roundtable, and the International Leaders Gathering. I’ll be making a few posts over the next few days, and we would really value your prayers for both of these gatherings. To begin with, I’m going to concentrate on the former, the Roundtable.

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An amazing weekend

We’ve just had an amazing God filled weekend here in Reading. My church, Greyfriars, has been holding regular outreaches to people in the town centre, specifically around a vision to offer prayer for healing.
As I mentioned in a previous post, these times have been an incredible encouragement to me, due to the team of people from the church being released into their many different giftings. This mix came to the fore again this weekend, with many examples of the team working together to see God glorified.
One of the main characteristics of this particular weekend was the presence of New Zealander Craig Marsh. Craig was miraculously healed of cancer in 1999 – and I mean miraculously, God giving him a new stomach after his own had been surgically removed – and he was at Greyfriars to teach on healing and evangelism.
Craig had some great insights to share with us, and the weekend ended with him preaching and praying for people’s healing on the Sunday night. People were still being prayed for when Shirley and I left at 10, the service having started at 7. Definitely the longest service I’ve been to at Greyfriars, and probably one of the most memorable.
If you’re interested, you can hear Craig’s testimony here.

Now that’s fast…

So, we hear today that Steve Irwin is killed by a Stingray. To begin with, I can’t say I was surprised, given the brave/idiotic approach he took towards deadly animals. But that’s not the reason for the post, per se.
I was wondering how on earth he actually got stung by one of these graceful creatures, so I looked them up on Wikipedia. The article had already been updated with information on how Steve died, and how incredibly rare his injury was.
Don’t you just love the internet?!