Oh Happy Day

You know its been a good day when one of your friends turns to you and says, “You look happy, Pete.� And you know, she was right. There are many frustrations in my life in lots of areas – personal, family, 24-7 – but I am happy. God is good. I’m feeling good… I can only hope that my current outlook on life lasts!

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The Honourable Order of the Mustard Seed

HTCC.jpgIts Friday night, near Clapham, and I’m on a packed tube train. I guess most of the people with me are tired, at the end of a long working week, and I guess I am too, but that isn’t what’s on my mind right now.
I’m travelling to the first vow taking ceremony of the Honourable Order of the Mustard Seed, at least among my group of friends. Zinzendorf originally instituted the OMS several centuries ago, and it lead him to allow a small group of Moravian refugees to settle on his land. Later this same group would start an incredible 100 years of prayer, sending missionaries out all over the world.

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portlnd.jpgI’m sat writing this in the Downtown House of Prayer in Portland. There’s a worship and intersession time going on downstairs, and I’m sitting amongst many pictures of the nations in the map room, usually used for praying for the world. Its got the look and feel of many 24-7 Prayer rooms I’ve been in around the world in the past five years. It feels like home.

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Couch surfin’

When we finally got to Bakersfield, a little later than intended (my usually impeccable timekeeping skills following me to the States), we hooked up with the wonderful Casey and Amy Johnson, and Doug Sala, along with some other friends from their church. They’re dreaming of a 24-7 Boiler Room in the downtown area, and the next day as we stood on the street praying over the building they would like God to release to them, nothing could have felt more natural.
Release your vision amongst them Lord!

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Highway 1

hgwy1.jpgI’ve always wanted to check out the coast from San Francisco to LA, and almost 15 years since I was first here, I got the chance.
The fabled Highway 1 winds its way from Downtown SF through Monterrey, snaking its way south past beautiful sandy beaches and ragged, storm battered cliffs. Pete, David and I almost became anesthetised to the beauty of the coastline as we were treated again and again to incredible vistas. What a treat to be able to take this route to visit friends in Bakersfield! I can remember a quiet moment, as I was alone, looking out over an unfamiliar ocean, and just saying ‘Thanks, God’.