24-7 Shorts: Prayer as Justice

If you watched the first Short, I hope you enjoyed my dance moves – and if you didn’t I bet you’re intrigued now  😉

This second short contains slightly less messing around, and a lot more of the wonderful love of Jesus being lived out in the most challenging of places.

From a bunch of fools in London, to the amazing Kelly Greene, in Boystown Mexico:

Early Birthday Pressies

birthday_whisky.jpgHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  And thanks to all those who posted messages on Facebook  😉

I’ve been fortunate enough to have three rather nice early birthday presents this year.  First off was seeing Bloc Party at HMV Oxford Circus.  I initially thought entrance to the gig was for a lucky few who had queued for hours in the early morning, but found that I could just pitch up!  So at six on Monday evening I was enjoying a half hour set from one of my favourite bands for free!

My brother Phil then popped over during the week to deliver a bike I’m buying off him, plus some very nice lights and locks to complete the set.  Hooray for good presents!

And finally, to finish off the early treats, I popped to a whisky bar in London, recommended by Phil, at the five star Athenaeum Hotel just near Green Park.  After investing in a wonderful glass of Port Ellen 25yr old Islay whisky I felt considerably poorer financially, but all the richer for the experience.  Carla and Charlotte lapped up the ambiance – and and extremley nice cocktail – with me.

36 has been a good vintage.  37 starts with a great meal at home with Shirley this evening!

24-7 Shorts: Prayer as a Movement

So, more on Norway soon, but in the meantime I thought I’d drive some more traffic to a project I’ve been working on for 24-7 over the last few months, called ’24-7 Shorts’.

This amazing set of mini documentaries tell the story of some of the things God is doing through the movement at the moment, and have been produced to a really high standard by a friend of 24-7 in the States.  So, check out the first instalment here, or head on over to www.24-7shorts.com at your leisure!