Celebrating art

testsite.jpgPopped into the Tate Modern on the way home this evening to check out Carsten Holler’s Test Site, the latest of the Unilever Series of exhibits in the old Turbine Hall of the building.
Each time I go to one of these ehibits I really enjoy it. Highlights for me so far include The Weather Project and Embankment. The great thing about the Unilever series is how unashamedly fun so many of them are. I remember walking amongst the box moulds of ‘Embankment’ and having a great feeling of being a child amongst mountains of boxes that I would kick all over the place until I was worn out and could kick no more!
On this visit I didn’t have time to take advantage of the latest wonderful peice of art, but I’ll be back soon for my rapid trip to the 1st floor from the 5th 🙂


homeless.jpgI had a quick pray this evening, and was struck again by something I started thinking about a couple of weeks ago. I receive a regular email from the mailing list of www.relevantmagazine.com. They often have some great articles, with a wide diversity of subject matter on following Jesus. Good stuff, check it out.
Anyway, one particular article included a tyrade from a writer berating their church members for going out and having nice meals with their friends one minute, and feeding homeless people a more meagre offering a few hours later.

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