10 thoughts on “Similar Minds”

  1. It’s total bunk. I came out as Sadaam, Heather came out as Hitler, as did James Bullock. What a load of rubbish!
    AND I came out as Easy Rider too… go figure.

  2. Hey I’ve got to be the coolest I’m Che Guevara *You are the leaders pot smokers emulate. You have your own revolutionary arty style. Dying tragically on a mountain appeals to you*

  3. No comment as to which leader I am! For the movie, I am supposedly Raiders of the Lost Ark as I live for Fortune and some other ‘mad’ stuff. Mad as a brush, I say. Enjoying your blogging, Pete.

  4. i just retook it and came out entirely different. platoon instead of mr smith goes to washiington, mother theresa instead of ghandi. either way i end up an aged crusader for humanity. maybe it’s a hint that i need to consider anti-wrinkle treatments.

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