Oh Happy Day

You know its been a good day when one of your friends turns to you and says, “You look happy, Pete.� And you know, she was right. There are many frustrations in my life in lots of areas – personal, family, 24-7 – but I am happy. God is good. I’m feeling good… I can only hope that my current outlook on life lasts!

This morning (Sunday) I met up with Trev, Amo, Paul and James, and headed off to Tate Britain for the “Monet, Whistler, Turner� exhibition that’s on at the moment. Although not as good as some of the exhibitions I’ve experienced at the Tate before, it was a great time. I do love browsing slowly through a good gallery. Whistlers ‘Nocturnes’ were particularly interesting, and Monet’s paintings of the Houses of Parliament are always worth a look!

The added advantage of being at Tate Britain is that it owns several of my all time favourite paintings. Although John Martin’s ‘Plains of Heaven’ and John Everett Millais’ Mariana weren’t on display, Millais’ Ophelia was. I still remember seeing that painting for the first time. The detail, the light and the colours, transfixed me for over half an hour. Today’s visit was brief, but it was good to see her again.
Apple Modified.jpg
Trev couldn’t be in London without visiting the apple store (this time at least). Personally, I can take or leave the whole apple thing. I can see the aesthetic and the ease of use, but I can just do more with a PC, for less money, without ripping off any software. Was good to be able to check my email though 😉
Amo needed to get to Covent Garden, and we half intentionally stumbled across Cybercandy and Magma. Covent Garden has some exceedingly cool shops, and these two are particularly interesting. Ridiculously good candy and design literature respectively. Although I’m not sure about Trev’s bag of Road Kill…
And so back to Reading, and a friends 40th birthday, and the “You look happy� comment. And indeed I am. Its been a good day.

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