Feeling very cultural this evening, at the end of a good Saturday. A few weeks ago in London, I spotted that there was a lecture on some of Gerhard Richters’ work in the Tate Modern. Although I like his work, particularly the photrealistic stuff like Kirze, as featured on the Sonic Youth ‘Daydream Nation’ album cover, and in the painting ‘Phantom Interceptor’, I think I would have ended up killing some arty pharty person going on about how the artist wasn’t imposing themselves on the viewer or somesuch nonsense. So in the interest of not breaking the 6th commandment, Amo and I headed up to Tate Modern this morning to check out the artists pictures for ourselves.

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Welcome to my world in pictures!

galleryLogo_sm.gifThrough a friend’s blog, I’ve just found *the* coolest piece of free gallery software in the whole world (OK, forgive the hyperbole, but its dead cool at very least).
In my luch hour (yep, that’s all it took), I’ve just downloaded, installed, configured and posted my first set of photos to my new online phote gallery. So, if your name is Sheena or Kathleen, you may be particularly interested in these, but if not, there will be more pictorial goodness in the near future.
How about the Brighton Boiler Room launch, for instance? All good!