Dead posh

saxon_logo.gifDon’t you just love it when you get unexpectedly blessed? Right in the middle of Shirls and my trip to SA was our ‘year-going-out-aversary’. We decided it would be a nice touch to go for a slap up celebratory meal for our one night in Jo’burg, and we hunted around a website listing the menus of the cities nicer restaurants.

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Time for some R&R…

So here’s the first update on Shirley and my travels in SA! Just thought I’d give you readers in the Northern Hemisphere something to be jealous about 😉
I’ve been given an amazing week of whirlwind tours around the Cape area, and I’ll try and give you a short run down. We’ve done so much its difficult to know where to start! Our first major outing was to Cape Point, on a lovely sunny, but rather blowy day. Cape point is the southernmost tip of the cape bay. Not quite the southernmost point of South Africa, but close enough for me to be satisfied I’d travelled as far south as I could. Much hilarity was had watching the cormorants trying to land on their cliff-side nests in a gale!

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