kettle.gifSo this was not me, OK? I did not write it. Barry was to blame!
Did cause much office hilarity though…
The following was entered into the comments section of
—–Original Message—–
From: pete.ward
Sent: 09 February 2006 13:57
To: info
Subject: Your Comments KETTLE WebSite
Forename : : pete
Surname : : ward
Email : : pete.ward
Your Comments : your chips are the best chips ever. they are the official chip of our office in chichester. they are so good i don’t even know what to do except eat alot of them.
Read on for the comedy response…

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Drawing inspiration from Shawn over in Portland, I thought I’d combine two of Schmetzger’s recent posts.
Firstly, I’ve been ultra slack in posting for the last month.
Excuse number 1:
I’ve moved house twice in three weeks!
And then there’s my current state of hirsute-iness.
Excuse number 2:
I’ve got a million boxes to unpack, and I have no idea which one my beard trimmer is in.
Pete’s resolution for Feb – more posting, less excuses. Oh, and less hair.