Transmission – fin!

So, that’s it! Transmission is officially over!
Yesterday evening was our last main evening together, and we had a fantastic time of prayer and praise, with people leading us in prayer in about 20 different languages from people groups all over the globe.
As we were challenged to go out and live lives radically committed to Jesus in all the areas where we were involved, Tre Sheppard from Onehundredhours encouraged us all to get really practical and meet with those with similar callings to be accountable to each other and use our visions for each area of science/medicine, arts and media, politics, education, business, church etc. for the glory of God.

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Transmission Update 3 – Its all go…

Meeting room setup, parking, registration, initial sessions, main meetings. Its all go…
Yesterday was hard. The news about London shook us all here, and we joined with the YWAM team in crying out to God for mercy. Our plans were secondary.
After a few hours, we returned to the business of getting Transmission ready to go Friday night. The task of getting the Factory ready is indeed a major undertaking. Thankfully its not just us – the YWAM camp that is combining with Transmission have already been meeting for the last couple of weeks, and so we have a small army painting, repairing doors, hoovering, repairing windows, laying carpet, and setting up sound and visuals. It’s a big job.
Please pray for those who will be arriving over the next 24hrs. With the London transport system the way it is at the moment, delegates and speakers alike could have a really hard time getting to us. Please also pray for good weather – it was challenging earlier today setting up our bookings computers on a wet pavilion!

Transmission Update 2

Well, today’s been a real roller coaster! Thankfully the weather improved enough this morning for us to be able to patch the hole in the marquee, so we now have a 300 seater white canvas behemoth at the centre of the campsite. Looks great.
We then got some fairly startling financial news. Our web account provider doesn’t clear funds until one month after they were initially paid. This would be no problem if everyone had paid to come to Transmission a month ago, but this being the 24-7 community, most have paid in the last week! Thankfully, some friends have come to the rescue with a bridging loan. Phew. Could still use a few more people showing up for the weekend, but at least we can meet our financial commitments.
Preparations in the Factory have been going really well, and most of our volunteers have been painting or putting in electrical wiring today. We’ve also had a couple of amazingly task-focussed types churning out our site signs – there’s a lot of them!
Tomorrow the real fun begins. Team leaders arrive and have their first meetings, and we have a load of site setup to complete before delegates arrive on Friday. Keep praying…

Transmission update 1

Well, we’ve been here for a couple of days now, and we’re experiencing all those little niggles that happen when you’re preparing a festival 😉
Although we’re seeing a few problems, we’re also sensing a building excitement about what God is going to do through Transmission. We had a great prayer time this morning, and everyone is now running around trying to do all those lovely tasks we need to complete over the next couple of days.

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