Pilgrimage, in its many forms, has been very much a part of my Christian walk for about the last 7 years (See Boiler Room Rule link on the left). Tomorrow I’m off to Lindisfarne on my next stage of journeying and seeking God. I was going to write something as a suffix to the action at the end of the last sentence, but that would have been all wrong. It really is all about seeking Him for who He is, and seeing what happens.
So, probably on Tuesday, depending on the weather, I’ll be spending 10hrs+ on Cuthbert’s Isle, just off Holy Island, on the north east coast of England.
I have no idea where God is going to take this. There are plenty of things that I would like to talk to Him about, but I’ve found before that His agenda can be quite different to mine! If you get a second, I would really value your prayers as I seek Him over the next few days.
Thank you!

Meet Mr Tawny Owl

Driving back home from Chichester the other night I came across this fine chap in the middle of the road. He was just stood there, concussed after being hit by a car or lorry. Mr T. Owl was going to be considerably flatter if he didn’t get out of the way sharpish, so I stopped and helped him to the hedgerow.
Hope he made it 🙂


I had the privilege of accompanying Pete Greig, 24-7’s International Director and ‘sporter’ of many a dodgy haircut over the last few years, as he travelled up to Liverpool to speak at Merseyfest.
We had a great time talking about many of the challenges and excitements of running 24-7, and spent some valuable time talking about how we might deal with the next few months.

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