For some reason the autumn and winter season is a particularly difficult time for 24-7 Prayer from a cashflow perspective. Over the last few years, as our annual appeal goes out, we struggle to meet our bills. Our testimony each year is that God has come through each time and enabled us to keep going, but we’re struggling a bit at the moment!
I’m not panicked by our situation, but its always good to let you know how we’re doing, so that you can decide whether or not to help out. I know that some of you reading this are already helping us massively already, so please don’t feel any pressure to give more than you do already, if that’s not what God wants you doing with the money He’s given you!
The following link will take you to our annual appeal piece that’s currently on the 24-7 Prayer website. Even if you aren’t in a situation to be able to give financially, or don’t want to give more than you do already, its quite an interesting read!

Sunrises and Sunsets

I do love the late evening. And even occasionally being up first thing in the morning! I’m definitely a night owl. Over the past few weeks, however, I’ve seen both ends of beautiful days, marvelling at the beauty of creation.
This evening I travelled out to one of my favourite spots near Reading to watch the sun go down, and it was a truly amazing sunset. There was such a peace as I watched the red orb of the sun disappear below the tree line of the Thames Valley.
It’s not so long since I was watching the sun come up over Berthelsdorf, near Herrnhut, gathering to pray with friends from all over the globe. Tonight it was just me praying, but the majesty and the peacefulness of the situation was there just the same.

Spiritual Attack

There seems to be rather a lot of intense spiritual attack going on against those involved in 24-7 right now. In the last couple of weeks, several people have been having unusual nightmares (at least 3 people), people have had trouble sleeping, a couple of people are feeling undervalued, one person has been feeling extremely low for no apparent reason, several people are feeling disempowered, one person is being hassled by someone who won’t leave them alone, there’s been a car crash, and two people have had to go to hospital, resulting in one being hospitalised.

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ILG 05

toggers.jpgAnd then there was – the ILG. ILG stands for ‘International Leaders Gathering’, where we grow from the small group of decision makers at the Roundtable, up to around 150 people who are involved in the 24-7 movement from all around the globe. Highlights for me this year include spending some time with co-conspirators from Portland DHOP, in Oregon USA, and sharing a couple of meals with Pete Worthington and Ben Hull.

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