Prayer Spaces in Schools Video

psis_logo_2.pngThe most excellent Mr Phil Togwell, 24-7 Prayer collegue who started work for the charity on the same day as my good self, has been pioneering the Prayer Spaces in School initiative for the last couple of years with an amazingly capable group of workers passionate about helping young people encounter the spiritual side of living.

Check out their latest video here.  And perhaps get involved with running a prayer space in your local school?!

Latest update from 24-7 Prayer

This last year has flown by with my work at 24-7 Prayer.  God continues to expand the work of the 24-7 Prayer movement, for which we are all deeply thankful!

I’m very aware of the need for support of our work through prayer.  In the midst of natural disasters and global financial panic, Jesus is still at work, and we need to be listening and asking Him for His strategies in everything we’re doing.

If you have a few moments, please have a read of my latest supporter newsletter and join me in prayer.  Thank you so much for your time!

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Christmas Card 2011

This year marks the 6th or 7th year in succession that I’ve made my own Christmas cards, featuring shots I’ve taken myself.

There was no need for any significant ponderment over the picture for this year’s card.  Andrea and I spent our anniversary in the Lake District in a cottage with fantastic views over Ullswater, and one morning we awoke to a stunning mist filled vista.

So here it is!  Have a wonderful Christmas and very blessed New Year.


Join me in praying through advent

advent_spaces.jpgHot on the heels of the last 24-7 Prayer ‘Spaces’ season that saw us reach number 1 in the iTunes Religion and Spirituality chart, we’re running a series of advent devotional podcasts over the coming weeks.  Rather than try to describe the idea myself, it’s over to 24-7’s Scot Bower:

“Advent is a special time in the church calendar, it’s a time to prepare for the party but also a season to reflect on the coming of Christ. Four weeks where you can ask yourself some pretty big questions. To help us ask those questions 24-7 Prayer will be releasing short devotional videos every day in the run up to Christmas… “

If you’d like to join me in these amazing devotionals, just head on over to

Have a blessed advent!

Praying for peace on the streets of the UK

PFL_thumb.jpgWho knows precisely what’s underlying the rioting going on across the UK at the moment…  What I do know is that we need God’s peace to break out, as people’s lives and livelihoods are being wrecked through mindless violence.

We’ve just put up an article on the 24-7 Prayer UK website if you’d like to join me in praying.  


One of the many fun parts of moving into the vicarage in Bexley, has been setting myself up with an office/study. Part of this has been realisng a long term dream – painting a mural of Bridget Riley’s work ‘Late Morning’.

As you can see I have a bright wall facing me now whilst I work!

Riley Late Morning web.jpg  Riley Late Morning Side web.jpg

Wedding Photos

panda.jpgOK, here’s the first batch for all those who’ve been asking.

In around a months time I’ll post all of my and Andrea’s favorites on a website somewhere (there were plenty of photographers there on the day), but for now, enjoy the top skills of Robert Hooper, our professional photographer…

        The password to enter the personal gallery is: 0111 Ward

We hope you enjoy them, we’re certainly pleased with the results!

[The picture you see here was taken by the wonderful Gemma Horsell – more from her in a month’s time…]

New Supporter Newsletter

24-7 Prayer continues to be a major part of my life, and God certainly doesn’t seem finshed with this amazing movement of prayer yet!  As you can see in the latest edition of my supporters newsletter,God is at work in many peoples lives, even in the midst of all the bad news we keep seeing on our television screens.  There is hope!

If you’d like to read a little of what I get up to, be encouraged by
what God is doing, and perhaps even join me in praying for my work with
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