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24-7 Prayer continues to be a major part of my life, and God certainly doesn’t seem finshed with this amazing movement of prayer yet!  As you can see in the latest edition of my supporters newsletter,God is at work in many peoples lives, even in the midst of all the bad news we keep seeing on our television screens.  There is hope!

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24-7 UK and Int’l have some new office space!

OK, so working around a dining room table can be fun for a short while, but its not sustainable!

We’ve been praying for a new office in central London so that out teams can get together and work in an office environment – yes, us 24-7’ers do like working in an office environment – even if it is one with a particular 24-7 vibe…

Check out the vid for a tour.

24-7 PrayerCast: End People Trafficking!

stanley_vid.jpgPeter Stanley leads us in prayer against the current and unprecedented levels of people trafficking going on across Europe and the rest of the globe.  Did you know that today there are more than double the number of people being trafficked than in the days of legalised slavery?!

Join us in praying that Jesus would bring this trade out of the darkness, and reveal to law enforcement agencies that which the devil would keep hidden.

24-7 PrayerCast: The European Church

carla_vid.jpgEurope is often described as the darkest continent on earth and is the only continent where the church is in decline.  The ever enthusiastic Carla Harding leads us in prayer for the continent of Europe.

I had the privilege of praying from the vantage point of a meeting room in Portcullis House, overlooking the Palace of Westminster with fellow 24-7’ers Phil Togwell, Andrea Percy and Sheena Littlehale, and staff from Parliament on Wednesday.  This truly has been a surprising and awesome week of prayer for Parliament and Government.  You can see more of what God has been speaking into on Phil Togwell’s blog.

Prayer for Europe

Pete Vid.jpg

Throughout this week, 24-7 are calling us to pray for this pivotal time for Europe. Through a series of video blogs 24-7 Prayer activists like Pete Greig and Andy Freeman will be releasing daily video Podcasts asking us to pray for key issues facing the European continent.

The next few weeks are pivotal for Europe. As the results of the European election are announced, as millions listen to President Obama’s speech in Cairo and as Christians pray at the British Houses of Parliament, the 24-7 movement aims to drench these events and others like them in prayer.

Will you join in the prayer?

Pete Greig starts off the week with his thoughts on the seismic shifts shaking Europe at this time.

Piccies of the Mid West

IMG_4933.jpgWell, there’s not enough time right now to give you an update on all the happenings at the 24-7 Prayer International Council and Communities Meetings in the US, but there is time for a quick post with some piccies!

I can’t be bothered with all that Facebook tagging malarky, so heres a link to the pictures I took in the States in my own gallery.  Enjoy…

Mine’s a ribeye!

Rib-eye-steak.gifI’m currently sat in the ‘board room’ of a coffee shop in downtown Kansas City, as Andy Freeman is taking the International 24-7 Board through his Communities/Boiler Rooms report.  We had a great day yesterday, with lots of agreement about the way forward in all the areas we discussed.  Exciting times are ahead!

We went out for dinner last night in a wonderful steak house, and the food and accompanying jazz were both great.  The highlight of the evening however was the impact that God made on the proceedings.  As we sat and enjoyed our meal Adam Cox, the leader  of Kansas City Boiler Room, had a recurring prophetic vision for one of the people on our table.  It was totally cool to be around!  As he spoke out what he had been given, it was wonderful to see the Holy Spirit at work.  I love that this stuff was all happening in the middle of a restaurant!

Back to today, and I’m about to deliver my report on finances to the board, the trustees and the International Leadership Team.  We have some hard decisions to make about the future as we need to make some cuts in what we’re doing over the next few months.  We do have some promising developments in funding, but we need to live in the tension between our current resources and our future potential – please pray for us as we go through this decision process.

In all of this I keep being reminded that God has never let us down yet on funding.  I’m so thankful for His faithfulness. To Him be the glory!