The other half

I’ve got used to jumping off the tube at Green Park over the last couple of years, triggered by the closure of my fine tea supplier in Tewkesbury. Every couple of months I stroll (or join in with the London rush) past the Ritz, to Fortnum and Mason. However this particular week, I wasn’t after a fine Assam, but something more visually appreciable.

I’ve been a fan of the art of Bridget Riley for quite a few years now, so when Shirley and I discovered that there was an exhibition at the Robert Sandelson gallery just to the north of the Ritz and the Royal Academy of Arts, I just had to go! I felt like I was being transported into another world as I discovered the gallery ridden street and posh arcades, but the exhibition was definitely worth it – only a few pieces, but just two other people in the whole gallery, giving us as much time and space as we needed to appreciate the wonderful art.
If I hadn’t felt poor enough earlier on, I certainly did when an elderly gent walked into the gallery and shopped for paintings worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Definitely how the other half live – which is fine as long as they let me view their collections 😉

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