24-7 Reception Revue

What a great evening! Thanks so much to those of you who prayed for us as 24-7 undertook its first official reception.
Helen Monkton and her team of willing helpers did a fantastic job of looking after everyone, and the evening was an unqualified success.
Our friend Mark Markeiwitz did a fantastic job of hosting the event, and we were soon treated to an impassioned review of the history of Wesley’s ministry from Lord Lesley Griffith. Our location for the evening, the 24-7 City Boiler Room, is on the very spot Wesley based himself for his ministry to the poor in London.

Pete Greig then went on to explain some of the things God is doing through 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza, and Boys Town Mexico, with the aid of some awesome (and I really mean awesome) video material Bob Jobe has been putting together for us in the US. The presentations aren’t quite finished yet, but there are going to be six pieces on some of the moves of God happening around the globe through 24-7 Prayer. They’re going to be made available on the website and through sites like youtube over the next few months, and I highly recommend looking out for them.
Stephanie Heald (and helpers) had done a great job of putting a prayer installation together in one of the Boiler Room’s areas, and along with the main prayer room, they added to the wonderful environment that Terri had created for the evening. What she can’t do to make a place look good just can’t be done!
At the end of the evening, our guests were heard to be keen to invite others to another such evening, and were all encouraged, challenged, or both!

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