The big day

Yesterday I was enthusiastically toasting the newly married Mr and Mrs Shawn and Laura Cardwell! Its been my privilege to know these guys for the last 3 years or so, and its great to see them finally tie the not.
The day started at the home of a friend who has a stunning garden down by Lake Oswego. The ceremony was informal and beautiful, very befitting of the couple. Both Shawn and Laura had trouble holding it together on a couple of occasions, such was the emotion of the proceedings.

It was lovely to watch as they spoke their vows, and gave their specially crafted mobius strip rings to each other, crafted from triangular platinum, twisted and joined so that there was no inner and outer edge to the three sides representing their connection to each other, and to God.
Congratulations Laura and Shawn! Here’s a few pictures of the ceremony:

2 thoughts on “The big day”

  1. Hooray, piccies at last! I see the lensbaby came out to play too. Is it just me, or does Laura look a lot like Carla (particularly in the profile shots)? Looks like a lovely day.

  2. Hey!! you’re on my side of the big puddle! sorry bout the heat, hopefully portland’s getting better weather than the rest of the mainland. if you’re coming by Kansas City during your travels, let me know, i can give you a tour:-).

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