Over the last few days, I’ve got to know many of Shawn’s close friends, and I’ve been even more impressed with the way that Shawn shows God’s love for the people around him, than I had been before. Of particular note was the brunch we shared the morning after the stag do – or bachelor party as they call it over here.

Shawn gathered a few of his closest friends, asking them beforehand to think of something they really valued about his friendship, so that they could share it at the brunch to encourage him. I was really challenged by the way in which the guys had so many good things to say about the way that Shawn had impacted their lives, particularly in his sacrificial and prayerful support of them in really hard times. Shawn in turn shared about how much he valued each of his friends.
Definitely a good way to spend some of your last few hours before becoming a married man! And of course the whole thing reinforced the way Shawn desires to build up and encourage, not wasting the time he’s been given. I thank God for friends like Shawn.

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