kettle.gifSo this was not me, OK? I did not write it. Barry was to blame!
Did cause much office hilarity though…
The following was entered into the comments section of
—–Original Message—–
From: pete.ward
Sent: 09 February 2006 13:57
To: info
Subject: Your Comments KETTLE WebSite
Forename : : pete
Surname : : ward
Email : : pete.ward
Your Comments : your chips are the best chips ever. they are the official chip of our office in chichester. they are so good i don’t even know what to do except eat alot of them.
Read on for the comedy response…

Dear Pete Ward
Thank you very much for your lovely kind words. We here at Kettle Foods are very proud of our KETTLE Chips and are delighted to receive such praise. We hope you and your colleagues continue to enjoy our product as much as we do.
Consumer Services
Kettle Foods Ltd
So there we go. 24-7 Prayer, official sponsors of Kettle Chips 😉

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