Drawing inspiration from Shawn over in Portland, I thought I’d combine two of Schmetzger’s recent posts.
Firstly, I’ve been ultra slack in posting for the last month.
Excuse number 1:
I’ve moved house twice in three weeks!
And then there’s my current state of hirsute-iness.
Excuse number 2:
I’ve got a million boxes to unpack, and I have no idea which one my beard trimmer is in.
Pete’s resolution for Feb – more posting, less excuses. Oh, and less hair.

2 thoughts on “Hairy”

  1. Moving House is no excuse for not posting, you should have been able to do it in your sleep by now.
    Regarding the “facial forest” – grow it long then you do not have to worry about trimming it.
    will this move be your last for a while or will you be moving again in the “near” future?

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