Roundtable Update

Just a quick update from the wonderful 24-7 Prayer Germany office in Dresden!
The last couple of days in Herrnhut have been incredable. Getting up for 7am prayer slots in the Morvaian chapel in the middle of the village, and praying from the tower on top of ‘Gods Acre’ have definitely been two highlights.

Andy Freeman and the Boiler Room team did an excelent job of presenting the work they’ve been doing on the Boiler Room Rule and Customary, taking the work that Andy, myself and others have been discussing over the last year to the point that its a really good document for taking that side of the movement forward over the years to come.
Many stories were shared about how God continues to work in and through the 24-7 Prayer movement, calling new people to come and work with us in amazing ways, and helping to transform peoples lives through mission teams and boiler rooms, including stories of how members of our American base have been serving the relief effort in the wake of hurricane Katrina.
Our friend John Petersen presented his paper on organisation and structure, which created some really good discussion. Similarly to the process with the Boiler Room paper, we’ll be undergoing a consultation over the next year with this stream, resulting in a proposal to the next Roundtable meeting on how to move forward. Lots of interesting work still to be done and discussions still to be had!
More soon…

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