dropmix.jpgWhen you’ve travelled, looking back there’s always those few treats that you get used to in a particular culture. As a kid, my family and I often journeyed over to the Netherlands, and there are so many good memories. Leisurely breakfast feasts with cold meats and cheeses, Indonesian reistaffels, and slabs of wonderful apple pie ‘mit slagroom’ (cream!).
This last week a friend of mine was over in Holland, and he dutifully brought back another classic – chewy, salty liquorice. Nice one, Amo. Thank you! 🙂
Didn’t quite manage the Vla though (artificially flavoured custardy stuff). Agh well, I guess a carton of that exploding in your luggage might cause a bit of a mess…

3 thoughts on “Vla!”

  1. I wasn’t sure about commenting on a blog but mention food and I just can’t resist! It definitely is dangerous living abroad and developing a taste for foreign foods… Germany: Rosti, fruit kebabs dipped in chocolate, that mushroomy thing that they sell on their open market stalls, lebekuchen, filled pretzels… the list goes on! And then of course, there’s the expensive food tastes that you end up with… Egypt: Mangoes, Roast sweet potato with salt rubbed into the skin, falafel… The thought of it all makes my mouth water!

  2. ah yes,
    the food of travel. i miss the samosas you can pick up in the UK at just about any little out of the way market. then the there’s the South American fair ooh la la. fruit that you couldn’t imagine. when i traveled to Brazil i didn’t know bananas could tasted so good. when i got back to the states i didn’t eat a banana for months they just were like plastic compared to the fresh REAL fruit of Brazil.

  3. just-picked bananas are amazing! how about the coconut you get from the venders on the beaches in mexico that they refrigerate, then drill and throw a straw into right when you buy it. hot sun, hot sand, fresh cold coconut milk. heaven.

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