portlnd.jpgI’m sat writing this in the Downtown House of Prayer in Portland. There’s a worship and intersession time going on downstairs, and I’m sitting amongst many pictures of the nations in the map room, usually used for praying for the world. Its got the look and feel of many 24-7 Prayer rooms I’ve been in around the world in the past five years. It feels like home.

The last week has been mostly holiday, but as in my time here before, there’s more to it than just time off. I first met the folks from DHOP when they visited the Reading Boiler Room whilst I was on sabbatical. We somehow seem to keep bumping into each other either here in the States or in the UK, and I think God keeps using us to encourage each other. I hope that’s the case anyway!
The travels of the last couple of weeks have reinforced my amazement at how much God seems to be calling his people to step out into the unknown at the moment. And at how His people are responding to this hard calling. Weak people, totally reliant on Him, walking out into the desert, fully dependent on his provision.
Father, I call out to You for these people. For Your provision. For Your grace, for Your glory to fall. For You to be their hope and their future.
And Lord, in your mercy, I pray for this for 24-7 as well. For we too are on this journey.

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