On the boil again!

The good – no the fantastic – news, is that we have finally concluded our negotiations over the contract for the new Boiler Room here in Reading. I’m really looking forward to being able to live out our six Boiler Room values (Prayer, Creativity, Mission, Justice, Community, Pilgrimage) with the focus of a permanent place of prayer at its centre.

Here’s an update from Andy Freeman, Boiler Room ‘Abbot’, about the times for our refurbishments. Please come along and help if you can!
“Over the weekend we received the contract for the building and its now been signed and returned to the solicitors – woo hoo. We should have the keys any day now.
Provisionally we’re arranging some clean up and then painting days, if you wanna come along and help and see the building at the same time – you’d be really welcome – you dont have to stay all the time – whatever you can give would be a huge blessing.
Weds 19th and Thurs 20th – cleaning and clear out days 12.30-4.00 each day
Sat 22nd Jan – painting day 10am – 4pm.
(please wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty/painty)â€?

The location is here:
11 Gosbrook Road

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