saved.jpgSo, I made it! I’m here in the States, on holiday and currently staying with the Guistinos just outside San Francisco. More of that later…
This is just a quick post about a great movie I saw on the way over here. I managed to get onto a Virgin Airways flight, and I’m really glad I did – loads of leg room and choice of what movies I wanted to watch and when.
I was really pleased to find that the movie ‘Saved!’ was on offer…

There wasn’t much fuss about it in the UK, and it wasn’t on screen for very long, so I missed it. Basically, the whole story is about a Christian girl who gets pregant in a rabidly evangelical Christian school, and all the people who would be expected to support her ditching her, whilst those who you’d least expect to, support her in her time of need.
A lot of the points that are made are a little overly simplistic from a theological perspective, but its a great movie for getting you to think how Jesus would respond in such a situation.
Jena Malone has a starring role in the film, and I really enjoyed how she played the role of Mary. She also appeared as the young Ellie Arroway in the film adaptation of Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’, one of my all time favourites. Highly recommended!

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