Jack Frost

IMG_0806.JPGI got up and left the house in a hurry this morning.

For the last couple of days we have had beautiful frosty mornings here in Reading, with the wonderful amber sunlight that only appears in the wintertime.  I was determined to get some good camera shots, and my time was well spent, as you can see in the album here.

As well as enjoying the pure artistry of it all, I was trying to get this year’s Christmas Card shot.  The problem is, I can’t really decide which one to go for.  I’m inclined to go for 814 or or 789, but some of the others are fun too…

What do you think?!

One thought on “Jack Frost”

  1. Nice shots. I have a visual of you crouched and hunched over for an hour in your front yard while neighbors pass by with looks that express something like a hope that you are looking for the marbles you clearly lost. A bit like Jov’s face when we were taking pictures of flowers when he wanted clam chowder. You know I’d be huddled right there with you if I could, my picture pal! 🙂
    My vote is 806 with 779 as the runner up.

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