Almost there…

us_airways_logo.gifFor a prayer movement, we’re way too busy. And the perpetual challenge of setting time aside to pray seems to be even more intense than usual right now. But I don’t want to complain – in only two more days, I fly off to the States for one whole, blissful month.
I’m quite good at taking fairly regular short breaks, but my trip to the US is my first long break for about a year. And boy do I need it!

My impending trip is the reason for my feeling quite so pressured at the moment. As well as trying to make sure I complete some fairly important tasks, I need to make sure that a whole bunch of things happen smoothly while I’m away. It is all slowly coming together though…
Last weekend I was up in sunny Sheffield for our latest 24-7 UK Team meeting. Phil Togwell, Ian Nicholson, Charlotte Terris, Lucie Shuker, Georgina Mickwright and I trekked up to Viki Ward’s house for a wonderful time of eating together, and planning the months ahead for 24-7 in the UK. I think it was the first time I felt we were truely working as a team – each of us able to contribute to the wider discussion about what was going on in each of our areas of responsability, and a strong desire to help each other out in any way we could to see God further His work through 24-7. The year ahead promises some exciting times!
Unfortunately, travel wasn’t as smooth. I got up at five to six, and didn’t get back home until about half past midnight. Isn’t our rail network in the UK wonderful?! OK, there was a small matter of flood damage, but in this day and age, they really should have had their website up to date so that I could effectively plan my route home >:-|
I finally got all my urgent 24-7 tasks out of the way at 00:45 last night. Phew. So, as I write this sitting on a train to Gatwick airport, I’m looking forward soooo much to a few weeks of well earned R&R.
More news on American adventures soon!

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  1. Really glad to hear the US adventure is happening. Hope its great in all sorts of ways, especially the lasting ones.

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