Shirls and I have taken advantage of her working in Dubai at the moment, and we’re in the middle of a cheap holiday break!
Personally I think her getting me to come out here was just a ploy to see me on Valentines Day, but I guess I’ll forgive her that 😉
We started our time out here by going on an overnight trip into the desert with Arabian Adventures. Riding (and sliding) around on the dunes in 350bhp 4×4’s was great fun, and I’ve got the piccies to prove it!

After our roller coaster-like ride, we stopped off in a natural hollow amonsgst the rolling dunes to camp for the night. We watched a beautiful sunset, and sat around the campfire for some wonderful barbequeued food. Once we’d finished, out came the shishas – remember what the caterpillar was smoking from in Alice in Wonderland? The apple flavoured tobacco was actually lovely, and this is from someone who doesn’t like cigarettes!
Having finally got to bed, we got a few hours sleep under the stars before rising to watch a sunrise that was even more stunning than the sunset was the night before. After a wonderful cooked breakfast we headed back to Dubai, after a quick detour via an Oasis.
What a fantastic trip! And we’ve still got several days to check out the Souks and the rest of the City…

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