Dead posh

saxon_logo.gifDon’t you just love it when you get unexpectedly blessed? Right in the middle of Shirls and my trip to SA was our ‘year-going-out-aversary’. We decided it would be a nice touch to go for a slap up celebratory meal for our one night in Jo’burg, and we hunted around a website listing the menus of the cities nicer restaurants.

Having whittled the list down to our favourite, we booked our table and thought nothing more of it until the night in question. We realised that we were in for something unexpected when we arrived in front of a huge solid Redwood gate with a steward stood outside. We informed him that we were booked for a meal, and were told “please park on the left, sir, I’ll send the car down to pick you up”!
Having travelled up to the entrance in a huge Merc, we were glad we’d made a bit of an effort to look smart. We had arrived at the top boutique hotel in SA! We did what you can only do in such situations – walked in as if we owned the place.
The food was awesome, as was the d├ęcor and the ambiance. Having finished our divine meal, we retired to wonderfully comfortable chairs on a terrace and were fed chocolates and cognac. All for the price of a reasonable meal in the UK.
Well blessed!
Check the hotel website out here, where there’s a great panoramic photo of the restaurant.

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