shawnavatar.jpgJust had the delightful Mr Shawn Cardwell, inventor of schmicroprizes and lead designer of the lego scale model of PNCA, visiting me in Reading.
After Shawn’s maths and the arts conference at University College London, it was great just to spend time catching up with each other. Shawn is from Portland, Oregon, and we first met through friends at the Downtown House of Prayer a couple of years ago. Anyway, enough background!

After some time in the city looking around the Tate Modern, we headed down to my parents place in north Wiltshire, stopping off on the way to check out a crop circle from a favourite viewpoint of mine near Swindon (yes, there is such a thing as a good viewpoint near Swindon…).

Having deduced that aliens weren’t involved, we had a relaxing afternoon at my parents place before travelling on to Bath the next day. A short tour was topped off by a nice picnic in the park beneath The Crescent.

I don’t know if Shawn enjoyed himself, but I had a great time!

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