As I mentioned in my previous post, the Reading Boiler Room closing service was for me a valuable time of looking back at some of the prayers I had written during our time on the boil.
This one is from back in June 2001…

So, here we are Lord, facing another day of empty prayer slots. Lord, I long for the day when your people in Reading yearn, long for, even thirst for spending time in prayer with you. That they would truly see the honour that we have coming before the One and Only God Most High.
Lord, when will we see your people changed to a true, radical, FANATICAL faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that changes everything we say and do, that our faith becomes 24-7, and that 24hr prayer for Reading would be a trivial matter for us Lord (but not for You!). I eagerly await the time when your church is alive, 24-7-365, a community of believers who sacrifice everything, sleep included, for seeing you at work day and night.
Lord, I long for revival amongst your church, let alone those who don’t yet know you. Lord, I’m desperate for the church buildings in this town to be vibrant and full of life, known as places where the lost and broken of our generation, and of generations to come, can come and have their needs met through their abundantly generous Father, who longs to minister to them through His people, whatever the time of the day or night.
Lord, I yearn for the time when this city will have 24hr prayer cover, 365 days of the year. And Lord, I believe for it. For some reason you have this broken and much maligned town on your heart, and I hope and pray to be able to see this place known as Comforter, Lord, as I believe to be your will.
Lord Jesus, I lift this town, this day, this year to you. Please Lord, as we so often see, I ask that we would be surprised by the extravagant measure by which you continually outstrip our expectations. And Lord, our expectations for this place are high – may yours be even higher…

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