A good way and a bad way

OK, so this afternoon showed me how you can start off a holiday in a good way and a bad way. Thankfully I was on the good side of the equation, whilst a South African guy on my flight definitely was on the wrong one…

I’m currently taking a week off with friends Pob and Steph near Edinburgh. On my flight on the way up, a young South African guy boarding the flight made a comment to a stewardess, and less than 15 minutes later was being escorted off the plane by some fairly serious looking police! I think he made some joke about a bomb, security or the like, but the flight crew had a serious sense of humour failure, and he was ejected from the plane. Definitely not the way he wanted to be starting his hols! There’s a part of me that hates that we’ve got this facist about things like this, but I guess the flight crew have to act in this way; they have no other option.
I, on the other hand, definitely had a better start to my time off. On arrival in Edinburgh, I went straight to the ‘Elephant House’ cafe, ordered a beer and what turned out to be a fantastic apple and almond cake. Let the r and r commence!
I’m just glad I wasn’t in too jovial a mood when I boarded the BMI flight…

3 thoughts on “A good way and a bad way”

  1. rule of thumb when boarding flights, coaches, ferries etc
    make no silly remarks about bombs, hijackings, knives, guns or other weapons. the remarks will only get you removed and questioned by the “armed” police.
    I would have thought the people would have learned by now

  2. i’m surprised it wasn’t an american. it’s very american to be that tacky. we’re born that way, some of us.
    glad you’re getting a bit of a break. can’t wait to see pictures. get some good ones and make me proud. 😉

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