Trip to Scottieland

pob.jpgAs you can tell from my last prayer letter, things have been a little busy lately, so I’m glad to be taking a long weekend seeing friends in Scotland. I’ve known Pob and Steph longer than I care to imagine (I spent much of my teenage years with Pob), and they moved up to West Calder near Edinburgh about seven years ago, with Pob’s work.

I took a cheap flight up from Heathrow on Thursday lunchtime, and I’ve spent the last couple of days reflecting on how God seems to have plans for my time up here that repeatedly surprise me. For example, the train from Edinburgh out to my friend’s place seems to be a place to share news about what God is doing in my life!
A couple of years ago, God used this journey for me to tell half a train carriage about Jesus (long story – ask me if you want to know more), and on this particular occasion I got to share about what God is doing through 24-7 with a local church elder. He seemed greatly encouraged by my stories of how God is moving amongst young people through this intriguing prayer movement I’m a part of.
I’d also accidentally come up to visit on the weekend that Pob was getting baptised. I’d have loved to have planned it that way, but we weren’t being that organised! So, at 9:30 am I found myself in the Kirk of West Calder – certainly not a usual time of a Sunday morning for me to be experiencing – watching Pob being welcomed into the local church family. He seems to have done this a little in reverse, seeing as he’s been a Christian for many years now, but it was great to see him at the front of his church publicly professing his faith in Jesus.
A couple more days rest and I’ll be back down south. Wonder what’s going to happen between now and then?!

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