Finally, some (un)common sense being applied

Not too long ago the Met were issuing some ludicrous publicity, calling upon the general public to phone the terrorist hotline if they saw people taking photos or using two mobile phones.  The campaign really made me see red, but after trying to complain on the Met’s website, and getting nowhere with ‘Liberty’, I gave up.

Thankfully, common sense has prevailed with some new guidance from the Home Office.

I think I’ll be printing this out and keeping it in my camera bag  🙂

Enjoying the Perseid meteor shower

stars.jpgGot up a little late last night.  I don’t usually say that when I get up at 4am, but do you know it starts getting light at 4:30 at the moment?  Crazy.

The reason for this was the annual Perseid meteor shower.  Although the sky was getting too light for any decent photography, I did see a couple of very bright meteors and many lesser ones.  It was quite fun!  I’d try the photography again tonight, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to get cloudless skies.  It’ll just have to have been one of those enjoyable moments in life you can’t capture  😉