Upgrade Complete!

Well, that was a pretty painless process – for now at least.  Hopefully the beautiful new interface and functionality of my new MT4 blogging software will:

a) be a more pleasurable experience for you, the reader, and
b) result in more entries on the blog from me!

I guess we’ll see over the next month or so…

…the next test wil be how well it deals with comment spam, and how easy it is to upgrade the template to something more ‘curvified’.

2 thoughts on “Upgrade Complete!”

  1. Wow! Niiiiiiiiice!! The first thing I said was, “(Gasp!) That’s a Vox banner!”. My old boss’s husband was on the development team for vox and invited me to join before it was public. I like to think that makes me cool (I’ll take what I can get).
    Now that your blog is all pretty (and it really is!) I hope you’ll find the time to add your ten millon Portland pictures to your gallery. No pressure. 😉

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