Get Lost

After a bit of R&R on Friday evening for Shirley’s birthday, we decided it was time to up the running stakes a little further and get down to Windsor Great Park for a training run.
Over an hour and a half later we were completely lost, hoping that we would be able to find the car at all! The complete lack of maps and the shocking signage in the park, meant that after we had returned home, it still took me about an hour with a map and satellite images to work out where we had been! Thankfully the locals blessed us by returning us the last mile or so to the car, otherwise we would still be running.
At least it was a beautiful day, and the run was between 14 and 15k, so we’re on track for the half marathon distance…

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  1. My grandad used to be a woodsman cutting trees in the great park before he and my grandma emigrated to New zealand in the late 50s.

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