Transmission – fin!

So, that’s it! Transmission is officially over!
Yesterday evening was our last main evening together, and we had a fantastic time of prayer and praise, with people leading us in prayer in about 20 different languages from people groups all over the globe.
As we were challenged to go out and live lives radically committed to Jesus in all the areas where we were involved, Tre Sheppard from Onehundredhours encouraged us all to get really practical and meet with those with similar callings to be accountable to each other and use our visions for each area of science/medicine, arts and media, politics, education, business, church etc. for the glory of God.

Being right at the heart of organising a festival like this, it’s a little difficult to know how well its been received. The only real way to find out is by asking people, and it seems that several delegates have found Transmission refreshingly different, challenging, and maybe even life changing. The only negative feedback was about some of the positioning of the room divides, and some noise clash between adjacent seminar venues. Not bad for our first time!
So, will there be a ‘Transmission Strikes Back’? Ian Nicholson, leader of the Mission arm of 24-7, actually started contemplating doing this again next year, something that he would never have thought of just a couple of weeks ago in the frantic lead up to the festival. Some of the core team are even considering it too. I might even consider it after some sleep. So, I guess we may be back here again…
We’ve had a fantastic group of volunteers from all over the world. There is no way that things would have run so smoothly without them. Oregon USA particularly seems to be able to provide wonderfully helpful women of God! God has, yet again, provided miraculously.
Thank you *so much* for your prayers.

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  1. yes, maybe we’ll bring the whole Oregon dhop team next year. we CAN be very helpful…as you know, we can ALSO be a bit distracting (especially when we end up in a pile on the floor) but we always make it fun for you Pete, don’t we????? 🙂 glad KT was there to represent us all for you….and Salem was well represented as well! truly awesome…looking forward to Germany!

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