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demotivators_1980_1805961.gifWhen I first saw these a few years ago I thought they were great.  It looks like the author has been busy, and there are all sorts of new demotivators to lighten your day.  Love it!

The sign

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ForburyRainbowMedium.jpgI don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but I've recently felt God calling me to start praying again down at the Abbey ruins here in Reading.  So, right near the spot where we opened the Reading Boiler Room back in 2001, I've been lifting the people of my town to God, in prayer.

At first sight yesterday was not the day to be out in the open praying.  Rain was pouring out of the sky as rapidly as it could, but as Shirley and I stood praying, we were party to a magnificent rainbow.

I'd been reading Noah's story in Genesis that morning, and as we prayed, it was wonderful to be reminded of God's covenant with all living things.  We thanked Him, and prayed He would look on the people of Reading with a merciful heart.


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millaisExhib.jpgShirls and I popped up to London at the weekend to check out Tate Britain's Millais Exhibition.  I was amazed!  Millais is my favourite artist, and I was expecting to see a few new pictures, thinking that I had seen most, if not all of the ones I really wanted to see.

glenBirnam.jpgBut as we wandered from room to room, I marvelled at as yet undiscoved masterpeices (to me at least) such as Glen Birnam and Esther, as well as staring for as long as I was able at old favourites Ophelia, Mariana and Christ in the House of His Parents.

Truly stunning.  But as you might see from the banner at the top of the page, you need to hurry if you'd like to follow in our footsteps - the exhibition closes a week Sunday!

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